Here at Esports Entertainment Group:

We're esports and iGaming facing with a little bit of something for everyone. Built from the ground up by industry veterans, we are in touch and in sync with the evolving online gaming community. Our mission is to connect the world at large with the future of sports entertainment.

About EEG

Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) is a full-stack esports and online betting company.

EEG has had Partnerships with the biggest names in the NFL, NHL, NBA, FIFA and esports. We are the official esports provider to the Indian Gaming Esports Association, giving us exclusive access to a large portion of the North American casino industry.

Our company is built on three key verticals: Games, iGaming, and Technology.

Let's take a closer look

EEG Games provides a wide array of services and unique technological infrastructure for businesses to engage esports and gaming communities worldwide in one ecosystem.

With over 20 years of experience, ggCircuit is the quintessential software, consulting, & infrastructure product that is utilized by over 800+ gaming locations globally.

The focus of the ggCircuit product is to provide a full package to help location-based esports run their business and keep it efficient. Through our SpecOps consulting team we are able to aid with on-site installation and daily remote maintenance services.

ggCircuit is also the go to management product in the educational esports space. Over 130+ universities and K-12 schools utilize EEG games to make their esports offering flourish.

With over 3.5 million unique gamers served and 85 million hours of usage, the ggCircuit product is the leader in B2B esports offerings.

Our expanding iGaming operation holds licenses in Malta.

EEG’s iGaming division offers sports and casino wagering opportunities through award-winning sites that include the flagship brands Lucky Dino, JustWow and Vie. The division also owns proprietary iGaming and affiliate platforms along with award winning rewards technology.

In addition, the iGaming division has developed a proprietary esports betting platform that is the first and only one of its kind in North America.

EEG Technology designs next-generation products and custom-made solutions for the esports and online gaming industries. Our goal is to provide consumers and brands with an engaging, fun, and safe entertainment experience.

Our state-of-the-art esports technology gives LAN center owners everything they need to operate a modern esports venue, and provides an esports tournament platform for brands and businesses to fully engage with the video game community.

Within our iGaming division, EEG Technology presents online bettors with a gamified approach to wager on sporting events, play RNG games, and manage their activities responsibly.

Recent Articles

Having recently joined EEG I am excited to be given the opportunity lead the company on the next important stage of its journey. I will be working alongside Senior Management to make significant strides to refine our focus on creating a valuable esports brand, initially looking inward at some of our key assets to kickstart this process. With EEG owning valuable assets and having key relationships in the esports sector, there is a substantial growing addressable domestic esports betting market for the company to take a leadership position in.

Alex Igelman