Here at Esports Entertainment Group:

We're all about delivering thrills and fun through unparalleled gaming experiences, catering to both competitive gaming and iGaming customers. Our products are built from the ground up by industry veterans and are grounded in a deep understanding of the ever-evolving needs and preferences of the online gaming community. Our mission is clear: to offer the world gaming and entertainment products that kindle joy and excitement.

About EEG

Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) is a diversified business with operations spanning from competitive gaming to online betting. Over the years we had gained deep insights and expertise from past and current operations across the various niches of the entertainment and gaming industries.

Our company is built on two pillars: competitive gaming infrastructure management and iGaming.

Let's take a closer look at these verticals.

Through our ggCircuit brand, we offer a wide array of services and unique technological infrastructure for businesses engaging with esports and competitive gaming communities worldwide – all within a single ecosystem. With more than 20 years of experience, ggCircuit stands as a market leader, boasting a portfolio of essential software, infrastructure products, and consulting services that are utilized in over 800 gaming locations worldwide.

Our expertise lies in delivering a comprehensive package that aids location-based competitive gaming organizations in efficiently managing their operations. Our professional services team provides on-site installations and conducts daily remote maintenance services. Furthermore, ggCircuit is at the forefront of the educational esports realm, serving over 130 universities and K-12 schools. They harness our powerful gaming venue management infrastructure to cultivate and enhance their esports offerings.

Our expanding iGaming operation is licensed by the Maltese Gaming Authority. EEG’s iGaming division offers sports and casino wagering products through award-winning sites that include the flagship brands Lucky Dino, JustWow and HipSpins. The division also owns proprietary iGaming and affiliate platforms along with award-winning rewards technology.

Having joined EEG some eight months ago, I am thrilled to lead the company on this next important phase of its growth. With continued commitment to the esports and betting businesses, and with our continued interest in strategic opportunities, I intend to work alongside the board of directors and the senior management team to leverage EEG’s key assets and valuable relationships in the esports and gambling sectors. In doing so, we will strategically position our company to take a leadership position in serving a substantial growing and addressable global gambling and esports betting market.

Alex Igelman