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EEG HR: How To Create A Sense Of Purpose At Work

Find the purpose of work by creating purpose in your work – (read that again).

Many of us feel we have a purpose in life, even if we’re not sure exactly what it is. These last 2 years going through a pandemic has inspired many people to reflect on what’s truly important to them. Finding your purpose in work is not easy and often, it is a process of discovery, like most things it requires time.

You can find the meaning or purpose of any job when you change your way of looking at it. To find the purpose of your work, focus on the three elements of purpose:

1.Feeling connected to something bigger than yourself

2.Knowing your work matters

3.Understanding how your work affects other people

We spend a lot of time on the job more than with our families or doing things we love. So it’s unsurprising that most people aspire to more meaningful and satisfying work. After all, if you’re giving so much of your life and energy to something, it makes sense that you would want to enjoy it. Employees are more satisfied with their jobs when they feel they are meaningful and empowered and higher levels of job satisfaction incentivize people to work longer hours and take fewer sick days. This results in productivity gains. Having a sense of purpose at work benefits both the employee and the organization however many people aren’t sure what they’re passionate about and discover their passion, through the process of immersing in their work. As you learn more about an industry and get involved in specific problems and customers, it can pique your curiosity and ignite passion.

But why are meaning and purpose so important to human beings?

Research has shown that we are hard-wired to connect on a collective level because our ancestors depended on one another to survive. Throughout most of human history, rejection by the group was similar to a death sentence. But just because today you can order anything online rather than seeking help from others doesn’t mean you no longer need a tribe.

This intrinsic need to connect with something bigger than ourselves drives us to look for a sense of purpose or a way to contribute to the greater good. Serving people and making a difference makes us feel connected to others. This gives a sense of meaning and purpose to our lives in a way that material rewards can’t.

It is also important for leaders to encourage employees to create their own purpose at work and create a work environment that encourages team members to regularly submit suggestions and initiatives that are in line with both the individual and organizational purpose. At EEG we lead in this way and believe in investing in our people.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Dr. Wayne Dyer