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Building trust in remote teams

Esports Entertainment Group is committed to work-life balance and to exploring flexible work practices with its team members. The drive towards more innovative working arrangements has been spurred on by the huge advancements in technology, facilitating new realities, fostering opportunities for virtual working flows, and developing new opportunities. 

Work is no longer an allocated place. It is a place where people perform at their best.

Our world has changed a lot over the past years. As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, we`ve been forced to change the way we work and live.

Working remotely is a new conception for some employees so patience and compassion will be critical elements to fostering a trusting workplace culture.

Crossing through this new normal of the digital workspace will require adjustments and adaptable supervision coupled with empathy for employees and their wellbeing.

When working in remote work environments, communication and trust have never been more important.

Trust is essential for remote teams to work well together, and without proper communication, that trust falls apart. To build trust in a remote work environment, employers should train employees on how to effectively communicate.

Build trust with clear work expectations, standardized performance metrics and consistency in providing performance recognition and feedback. Frequent and open communication can make a big difference in a remote work environment. By keeping the team members updated and in the know, they’ll feel confident in your direction. Providing enough context and ensuring remote teams have access to all necessary information is a must.

Trusting team members to handle their individual roles and give employees autonomy is vital to remote work processes.

Here at EEG, we support and encourage a healthy work-life balance and encourage our employees to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way. For many, relocating to another country might be out of a passion to travel, to move nearer to family or moving with a spouse.