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The benefits of Performance Management  

Every role is imperative to driving our business and the people behind the roles are the most important part. 

Keeping on track with personal and team performance is one of the most important aspects of our working lives. Our day to day and overall performance throughout the year is the key to self-development, career progression and the overall performance of an organization. Organizational success can be enhanced by improving the performance of every individual within each team framework. 

At EEG we take a continuous, people-led approach to Performance Management and Performance Appraisals. We believe that annual performance reviews are not suited to the way we work, because objectives and goals change constantly throughout the year, therefore we cannot deliver effective performance management just once a year. Managers and employees need to have continuous, effective performance related conversations by being open, curious, building and maintaining trust and really leaning into each other in times of need. Building solid working relationships and continuously gathering 360 feedback is at the heart of EEG and what drives us to performing excellence. 

We expect our people to build strong professional relationships with their colleagues, to be in tune with how they are performing continuously, throughout the year. 

There is no ‘one style fits all’ as our teams vary in how we work and manage projects. However, we do expect our people to take performance management, appraisals, and goals seriously and to include this in their roles throughout their career at EEG. 

The benefits of imbedding performance management into day-to-day working life are almost endless. From building strong relationships with colleagues, to recognising our personal achievements, how we’ve overcome setbacks and how we have developed as individuals – every part of the feedback to ourselves, our managers, our peers and our senior leadership team is vital in the growth and success of the business.