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The wind in our sails

By Leon Martynenko

In the age of AI technologies and easy access to knowledge, with market data more abundant than ever before, and competitors meticulously crafting strategies to assert market leadership, there exists an intangible yet formidable force that can make or break even the most brilliantly devised plans: Culture. As Peter Drucker famously put it, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” a sentiment that highlights the profound influence culture holds over the execution of strategic initiatives. At Esports Entertainment Group, we are fully cognizant of the relationship between culture and strategy, as well as why fostering a healthy organizational culture is imperative for our continued success in our native industries.

As we endeavour through corporate restructuring and pivot towards market segments that are better aligned with our core business strengths, we are also making an effort to improve how things are done here at EEG. For an organization with a globally-distributed team that has undergone numerous acquisitions, serving business clients and end-users across two distinct business verticals, and operating out of geographically-dispersed offices, redesigning a culture is not a trivial project.

As we embark on this journey to forge a more resilient and impactful culture, we recognize that it is a continuous and evolving process. While the business strategies we employ are a product of contemplative reflection on the successes and challenges we face in the markets we operate in, the evolution of our culture will be driven from within by the shared values of the EEG workforce. These values lie at the very core of our corporation and bind our diverse team into a united front advancing towards common objectives. 


In fast-paced and technology-driven industries such as competitive gaming and online betting, the ability to adapt is paramount. At EEG we encourage a progressive culture based on experimentation, learning, and risk-taking, which we believe is the recipe for creating fertile ground for innovation.


Here, at EEG, collaboration is fostered through consistent communication, transparency, mutual respect, and a sense of shared purpose, from leadership to every team member. Our aim is to foster alignment and accountability, which are crucial for achieving our strategic objectives.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our business practices. EEG’s deep roots that stem from the regulated iGaming business have enshrined integrity as the guiding principle that continues to shape every interaction, decision, and action within our company. 

In conclusion, while strategy charts the course of our journey, culture acts as the wind in the sails, propelling us forward. Our past and future successes do not merely hinge on the expertise, deep industry knowledge, and globe-spanning relationships of our senior leadership team, but are intertwined with the culture we foster in our team. We embrace the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and integrity that define our culture, and we look forward to the exciting future of the gaming and entertainment industries that we are setting out to transform.